Rick Ward
Finish Carpentry and Renovations
12 North Street
Wilmington, MA 01887


MA Registration. #168602
Contractor. License #070695

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Home repair and maintenance is an ongoing and continuous process. All of our homes are susceptible to ant and termite damage, for example. Usually by the time you have discovered that you have insects, they have already caused considerable damage.

Water damage as well can sneak up on you. By the time you notice the outward signs of rotting wood, there is much more damage than you realize.

I can make almost any repair needed to make your home a more solid investment including:

  • Rotted or insect damaged foundation sill repair
  • Rotted door and window sills and trim repair
  • Door and window repair or replacement
  • Siding and external trim repair
  • Decks and screen porch repair
  • Shed, garage, and other outside building repair
  • Drywall patch and repair
  • Deck and porch repair/replacement
  • Insulation upgrades

Sometimes regular wear and tear have put parts of our homes on the disabled lists. Anything can be fixed, repaired, or replaced for that new look and smooth operation.



Wilmington, MA 01887